1 ; Preperation & Development

Defining a purpose and vision, and analyzing existing blockchains to identify opportunities.

Analyzing technical aspects and exploring potential future implementations.

2 ; Mining app with P2E

Launches a mining application that prioritizes user-friendly features and functionality.

Integrating P2E using Ace tokens, starting with simple web games.

3 ; Accumulation

Initiating user accumulation with a referral system, enhancing mining rates for both the new miner and their referrer upon joining and starting mining activities.

4 ; Updates For Expansion

Lowered the active miner target from 2 million to 500,000 to hasten the launch and promote more rapid growth in the project.

5 ; Engage Community (We Are Here)

Prioritizing community building, staying actively engaged, and delivering what the community demands and deserves in recognition of their contributions.

6 ; Promotional Events

Coordinating collaborations, giveaways, and contests to actively engage the community, enhancing overall growth, and accelerating the launch process.

7 ; LAUNCH : 500K Active Miners

Rolling out the Mainnet, Testnet, Explorer, and Web Wallet to users.

8 ; KYC & Migration

A simple verification process will occur before transferring tokens to the Dotchain web wallet. At this stage, ineligible and fraudulent users will be identified and excluded.

Once KYC is done, the migration process starts.

9 ; Staking & Transactions

Enables users to stake tokens directly within the Dotchain wallet.

Simplifies token transfers between Dotchain wallets, ensuring exclusivity within the Dotchain network.

10 ; Listing DOT & ACE

Dotchain and Ace will be listed on major exchanges

Authorizing deposit/withdraw transactions.

11 ; Games & NFT

Launching high-level games with latest features, NFT rewards, and Ace token earnings. Elevate your gaming experience with advanced entertainment and exclusive incentives, combining innovation and rewards seamlessly.

12 ; Full-Scale Expansion

Broadening gaming and Play-to-Earn (P2E) opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Promoting Dotchain as a zero gas fee and faster network worldwide.