Faster - Zero Gas Fee Network

The Fastest Launching Blockchain Network

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Faster Transactions

Greater speed of validating transactions. Hence, a higher transaction rate.

Tolerence To 51% Attacks

The PoA consensus is supposed to be even more resistant to attacks than the PoW consensus. That’s because the network can’t be compromised by a user who manages to generate 51% of the computational power.

No Need For Sophisticated Hardware

PoA algorithm doesn’t need to solve puzzles to ensure the permanent connection between nodes. So, the validators don’t need special equipment to sustain the network.

Scalability For Blockchain Games

POA Network provides an irresistible scalability solution for Ethereum DApps and developers. A consistent, high-performance environment means 5 second block times, 60 transactions per seconds, and a minimal gas price of 5 Gwei. This is ideal for game development and user experience.

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Phase 1 ; 0

  • Introducing Dot Mining App
  • ACE; Play To Earn
  • Complete Documentations
  • Community Building Programs

Phase 2 ; 2M Active Community

  • Launching Testnet & Mainnet
  • Dotchain Explorer
  • Web Based Blockchain Wallet
  • Migrating To Web Wallet (Dot & Ace)
  • Staking

Phase 3

  • Allows Wallet To Wallet Transactions
  • Listing For Trading